Apple may need Samsung to make enough chips for iPhone 6

Apple may have to rely on arch-rival Samsung for a hefty percentage of processors to power the next iPhone.

Samsung has been Apple’s go-to manufacturer for the past several chip generations, most recently producing the A5, the A6, and this year’s A7. Apple has sought to reduce that dependence by reportedly cutting a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to take on production of future A series processors. But Samsung is far from out of the picture, according to a story from The Korea Economic Daily.. Click here to See More

Year 2013 Apps for Photography!

There are some very good apps available in the market to enable amazing photography and the effects that make it look even better.


Camera+ would be something that general iPhone and iPad users use who want to utilize the app to bring out effects and zooming so that all you need to do is simply click away but add all types of effect after the picture is taken.


And then there is Instagram in the market that everyone knows because of how popular it has become on social networking platforms. This smartphone photography app gives you the option of using 16 different filters, uploading and sharing on the social media and also saving on the camera roll. This definitely swept away the market and has gained the fame name to itself in a short time.


Autostitch is amazing if you want to make panoramic shots of all occasions that you have visited. It automatically recognizes the elements in the image and makes it easy to shoot a 360 degree environment with the same time that it takes to shoot all photos.


iDarkroom is the best for getting vintage and darkroom effect photographs with tons of options as to lighting, shading and different colored filters. This definitely an app that you would want to share on the social media with your friends.


Diptic enables that you can place your picture in a format, layer or grid. It allows you to play around with many images and let you give contrasting effects so that they can appear in a definite sequence like the before and after effect.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

Photographer’s Ephemeris is the app that you are looking for if you are planning for an outdoor shoot. It amazingly allows you to use mapping tools so that you can take picture from the right angle in the range of light. It does this by finding out where you are standing at what point on the globe in what time and from where the light coming.


Snapseed is yet another smart app that allows you to manipulate the transparency of the textures that are captured in the image. It allows you to apply more than one filter and bring variations in different styles that allows you to get a more confident grip on how the photographs are appearing and thereby improvising on the scaling and the lighting of the images and allowing you to experiment until the correct effect.


Gorgeous Apple iWatch Concept

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Apple iWatch design.

Techno Geek silhoutte‘s insight:

Don’t get too excited though. It’s very likely the iWatch won’t launch until later in 2014 at the very earliest. But that hasn’t kept some designers from churning out a bunch of concept designs. The latest design comes to us from Federico Ciccarese, a designer who has come up with some great Apple gadget mockups in the past.

Meanwhile, Apple’s biggest rival Samsung is going to announce its own smartwatch on September 4. That gizmo will be called the Galaxy Gear and will pair with your Samsung phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One: 5 Things Buyers Need to Know

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“We take a look at the five most important things buyers need to know about the match up between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.

While much of the talk these days is about devices like the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max, there are plenty of consumers that aren’t in the business of waiting to buy a smartphone.”

Techno Geek silhoutte‘s insight:

However, none of those devices will be hitting shelves any time soon as they are all rumored for the month of September with release dates that could certainly come later than that. For some smartphone shoppers, waiting a few more weeks won’t be a big deal. Many others though will likely be searching for a new smartphone right now.

Two of the smartphones that consumers will likely encounter in their search for a new smartphone are the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4, the respective flagships from their respective companies. These devices, despite the rumors, remain two of the best smartphone options on the table to consumers right now.

While they have been out for a few months, their battle is an evolving one as things have changed drastically since they first arrived on American carriers back in April of this year. In fact, there are some extremely important details that consumers should know, right now, about the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 before buying.

Here, we take a look at the five things buyers need to know about the battle between the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Multiple Benefits of a Smartwatch Fast Replacing a Smartphone

Advanced connectivity features with the help of social networking devices and online applications have come a long way. Currently, the craze for smartphones has taken the mobile world by storm. New applications and accessories apart from breakthrough products are still being introduced into the market on a regular basis. I’m Watch; a smart watch is what the hype is all about these days in the digital world. Hence, it is necessary to know what actually this product offers. Firstly, this watch is known to get integrated with the smartphone because of which increased sophistication is realized in an extensive manner.
Smartwatch : iwatch

Smartwatch concepts have become increasingly popular in recent times because of the multiple benefits obtained from it. It allows the users to get connected to the smartphone features like any other device. Obtaining premium quality standards without overusing your smartphone device while still accessing its functionalities is something what you need to consider in the first place. Getting connected with the help of Bluetooth is what that is equally important. After the initial assembling of this smartwatch has been completed, it can be used for making phone calls whenever needed as is the case with any other model.
Smartwatch : iwatch

SMS communication features too could be best realized with the handy use of this sophisticated device in a highly interpreting manner. Handling emails and making calls apart from sending SMSs are some of the best benefits that the customers will be able to obtain when they are required the most. Checking online notifications pertaining to your account is easily possible. Google Android is the most extensive feature available with the device on an overall. Any application apart from the latest ones are known to offer all those comforts that is available for sure. Made in Italy, the high quality material and ergonomic construction makes this smart watch comfortable and elegant smart phone to carry on your wrist.

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Samsung Racing With Apple To Bring Wristwatch Gadget

In the last couple of months, we have heard a lot about Apple’s interest in the wrist-watch based gadgets powered with iOS systems. Apple has been rumored continuously on digging into the wristwatch industry, and many of us have spotted several reasons behind such curiousness by Apple. It is rumored that Apple is pretty ready to launch a wristwatch gadget in the public. On the other side, we have also seen leaked screenshots coming from Samsung, which suggests that Samsung is also digging on the similar product.

In addition to these rumors, Bloomberg reported that both Apple and Samsung are working on the similar products while Apple is digging the product from last several years, but after taking a look at Apple, Samsung is also pretty interested to launch something similar to Apple’s rumored ‘iWatch’. Bloomberg report mentioned that both companies are racing to bring this product quick in the market.

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch

Here is the excerpt from the Bloomberg’s report:

Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) is developing a wristwatch as Asia’s biggest technology company races against Apple Inc. (AAPL) to create a new industry of wearable devices that perform similar tasks as smartphones.”

We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long,” Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, said during an interview in Seoul. “We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

After all these rumor series, we are yet to pin-point the main features of wristwatch product coming from both tech giants. There are some analysts who are claiming that Apple’s ‘iWatch’ to be running on the iOS system and it will feature all the basic features that an iOS device brings to users hand. In the past, we have heard that Apple is facing an issue with iWatch battery in prototype model, and they are looking to drop some features of iOS system to make the final product more reliable for users in real market.

The interesting point of the story is that both Samsung and Apple are capable of pushing out something crazy and interesting in the market. Apple already has Jony Ive to bring crazy designs, and impressive models for the iWatch, while Samsung got the best display screens technology to enrich the users end.

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