Top 10 Best Android Apartment Hunting Apps

While moving is still an incredibly difficult task, it has gotten quite a bit easier over the last few years, thanks in large part to the continuous adoption of smartphones. It use to be that you’d have scour the newspaper to find an apartment to move into. No newspaper that day? Too bad. Now, however, there are numerous apps available for your Android device that can make the apartment shopping experience just a little less stressful. Keep reading, and we will countdown the Top 10 Apps for Apartment Hunting, in yet another Android Headlines Top 10 Android Best Apps List.

10. Apartment Finder


Apartment Finder is an app that has been available for a while now, which is both good and bad. The main complaint among users is that some of the listings have not been updated for a while, meaning that prices are rather out of date. For newer listings, however, the app offers a very nice interface and search process that allows you to break it down by number of bedrooms/bathrooms and more.

9. MyApartmentMap Apartments Tool


MyApartmentMap is an app that queries multiple databases for apartments available in the United States. The app can break down apartments available by those on sale, which is great for those of us who are budget minded. You can also save listings to view later and even receive notifications when a new apartment that meets your criteria becomes available. You can also create a “wishlist” of apartments, by saving ones you like to look at later.

8. cPro Craigslist Client


Now, I know you may be wondering why a Craigslist app is in our Top 10 Apartment Finder Apps list, and we have an explanation. Despite all of the horror stories you may have heard about the online service, Craigslist is actually an incredibly useful service. While it may not offer many of the apartment specific features as other apps, the cPro Craigslist Client is a great app for finding things available both near you and on the other side of the United States.

7. Apartment Rentals In Canada

Apartments In Canada

Developers love to center themselves and apps around the United States, and therefore, people in other countries are often given the shaft when it comes to location based apps. Apartment Rentals In Canada is an, you guessed it, for finding apartments for rent in Canada. It lets you view nearby apartments that are available and if you like it, you can even view the street view for that area, assuming it is available for the neighborhood in question. It also offers the ability to contact the owner/landlord to inquire about the apartment.

6. HotPads Rentals & Real Estate


HotPads branches out from apartments and searches homes for sale in your area, but thankfully, you can narrow it down to apartments. It’s a location based app, meaning that it can show you places available near your current location. For families, you can also view information about the school district the home is located within. Pictures are a big HotPads thanks to a nice gallery interface.

5. is an app that also lets you search for available places with your GPS. One thing that sets it apart from the competition is that you can view video tours of select apartments, perhaps eliminating a pointless walkthrough of something you hate. It also offers the ability to filter your results by radius, bedrooms, bathrooms, price, pet policies, parking availability and more. You can also get directions to an apartment directly within the app.

4. Apartments by

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 1.29.32 PM

Apartments by is yet another location based app, but with several more features than its competitors. For one, you can zoom in on the images and floorplans of apartments, which is nice, as I was shocked to discover that most other apartment apps do not offer zooming. Also, if you happen to be out and about looking for apartments, you can snap a picture of one you like and add it to the app for feature reference. This is nice, as it lets you compare apartments not in the app to those that are listed in the app.

3. Apartments


While not the most cleverly named app, Apartments is one of the best apps for finding a rental place on a budget. It lets you view the houses on sale that day or week and offers some other budget incentives, as well. It also supports voice search, so you don’t have to type in those pesky addresses any more. Like several other apps, Apartments also supports the ability to view the street view of the neighbor an apartment is located in.

2. Zillow Rentals – Houses & Apartments


Zillow is another app that includes homes and apartments available, but yet again, you can completely eliminate the house searching part. One of the coolest features about Zillow is that you can draw your own boundaries on location. It doesn’t have to be a city line. It could be a road, state, or whatever you want. You can also view listings side by side, making comparing features a very easy process.

1. Trulia – Apts & Homes for Rent


Trulia is truly the jack of all trades for apartment hunting. It takes all the features we liked about the other apps and combines it into one. Trulia offers an incredibly simple, yet feature-rich Holo-inspired design, making the pictures of the apartments look either really good or really bad. It supports nearly every city in the United States and lets you filter results by location, the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, amenities, and much more. It also supports push notifications, so you never miss an apartment that fits your needs.

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