Google buys maker of military robots

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Google has just acquired Boston Dynamics, an engineering company known for developing super-speedy, animal-like robots that has strong ties with the U.S. military.

Techno Geek silhoutte‘s insight:

Google has quietly purchased another seven robotics firms over the past six months, with some of the companies heralding the start of a "robot revolution."


Raibert declined to comment on the price Google paid for his company, and wouldn’t elaborate on plans for product development.


Boston Dynamics has built a strong reputation for its heavy-duty robots that can run faster than Usain Bolt climb walls like a gecko and jump as high as 30 feet.

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IBM reveals five innovations that will change our lives within five years

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Today IBM is unveiling its annual 5 in 5 — five predictions about technology innovations that will change our lives within the next five years.

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Apple may need Samsung to make enough chips for iPhone 6

Apple may have to rely on arch-rival Samsung for a hefty percentage of processors to power the next iPhone.

Samsung has been Apple’s go-to manufacturer for the past several chip generations, most recently producing the A5, the A6, and this year’s A7. Apple has sought to reduce that dependence by reportedly cutting a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to take on production of future A series processors. But Samsung is far from out of the picture, according to a story from The Korea Economic Daily.. Click here to See More